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are good for first speaking out on this issue because it's a joke they get you know saudi arabia we've been sitting here they we get all of this puffed up thing about we're letting women drive. we're going to we're going to have wrestling i mean not the women you know it's going to be just not for me it's interesting to talk it's so interesting to me because i look at it it's like ok saudi arabia is acting like a spoiled rich twelve year old who you know didn't get what he wanted at the toy store you know it's like ok well then if i can't have this and i'm just going home i'm taking my ball and i'm going home and tell you my mega man and i'm done. and i'm going you didn't get me to read mega man that easily with you know and i mean there were and what's what's interesting is is you know basically they're saying like there's a lot of people are saying that this response to is this response to this criticism is seen as a power play by the kingdom's young leader. that they're no longer going to sit back and let people criticize them and ignore demands for political liberalization
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which is interesting because it seems like both canada and saudi arabia are kind of just doing what the u.s. does all the time yeah it's we're going to get into twitter wars we're going to get into this like i'm slappy thing and we're going to be like no my ball i take it i'm the powerful now listen to me i'm going to be king one day right now you know and it's going to be kidding but i'm super liberal it's going to be great you should want to big ation here i mean while we're bombing yemen and i'm missing this is the question i think it makes a good point why when you're out your ally of your ally might not be your friend and the situation and when she have counted on the united states and saudi arabia maybe it's time that we don't have. company you know countries like that investing in income government infrastructure when this kind of stuff happens it's good for you all right as we go to break mark watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics covered on facebook and twitter see our full show of our t.v. dot com coming up sean stone delves into the debate over the iran trump and travel plans for. for the tourney daria stay tuned to watch
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a close to a. place to. place. blame. it's only natural that baby boomers were vote for policies that he helped found a house price booms a stock price and it disenfranchised the bottom you know age groups but this was well. tough luck but. kids get it. out.
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just before. last time we chased. each one of them carrying twenty kilos of drugs. first offense. blues that. is the main thing. they have this is the this is for me. it will be a i don't see a porno don't get a make or. break. for. around one.
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this week the united states led by president donald trump and his team of around warhawks re-instated they have a economic sanctions that were in place before the obama administration lifted them as part of the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal but he saw this move comes after trump's decision back in may to pull out of the international deal which was designed to limit iran's nuclear weapon capability in exchange for the removal of sanctions but it's not just the sanctions that are continuing to drive a stake in the heart of us or a man relations because also twisting the knife deeper is the trumpet ministrations controversial travel ban which even the atlantic council bilious falls hardest on iran brazenly shawn stone sat down with payment bharati dharma dharma and an
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attorney and founder of chosen lawyers to discuss the u.s. around relations and trump's travel them. well frankly. i see a much wider and more sinister picture than what donald trump is showing the world. and fact it's not even about religion this is a direct attack on iran by pressuring iranian citizens dual citizens that are no trouble citizens of iran and other countries. in order to achieve their political objectives this is. the executive order that basically the third one the third version that we presented because the first two there were so ridiculous they are contra to the ins
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which is the immigration and nationality act afghan nine hundred sixty five because it directly bans. any prejudices based on national origin player place of residence or race. and the constitution of the united states bans. even prejudices based on religion and the stablish one clause of the first amendment the free exercise clause of the first amendment they are there for a purpose but the argument of course is that it's not a religious bed because obviously you're lumping in a lot of muslim countries like somalia and iran syria but you're also lumping in venezuela north korea into the band well frankly if they wanted to do this based on religion and based on muslims as is radical rhetorics has been very clear in the past with we know his intent from one side he is bending backwards for the
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saudis who are actually the founders the founders of many of these organizations to begin with iran was fighting against isis and taliban for a long time but george bush when he was in office they were fighting on very ugly american site they had nothing to do with nine eleven now they were trying to bring this make this an issue that iran was the funder of nine eleven i'm not representing iran i have no interest in a theocracy but the fact is that if we go back in history we will know we will see that this is an issue that is started in one thousand or one when the british colonialist took over the iranian oil. and this has been all of these sanctions they have been repeating and repeating and repeating. the same.
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sort of nonsense and there are all iranians are this iranian but this is not the case the only thing that iranians have been trying to do is defend their rights and try to prevent pillage and plunder so all of this immigration that you see they bring other countries a little bit to make it less sort of obvious but this is this is all coming this is political chicanery we know the fact this is against the runners and it affects me affects i can't even send a few thousand dollars to my mother who is an early eighty's who needs my up now because all the banking. are basically are blocked by the sanctions by the sanctions by crippling sanctions these are no longer. sanctions too because iran is basically complying with all its agreements i mean look at the atomic
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energy agreement. iran has complied with this is just colonial. sort of mentality sure sure and i mean obviously this administration the israelis will have their own arguments as to why the iranians are violating the agreement but the point being that this travel ban you say has to do with iran because here we're talking about syria yemen other somalia i mean i don't i don't see necessarily why they are part of the considered part of the iranian sphere i mean it's kind of being bombed by the saudis syria is still suffering a civil war though assad is from there with the russians and the iranians both somalia i don't really see in anyone's necessarily sphere of power so how do you see this pressure on iran through these other countries north korea's well being barred i think they are just. part of the show. they the most important step here to go against iran and i still aided from any
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country that shows any interest and standing with iran. and again this is not you know the history of. nine hundred fifty one could it. that it was headed by the united states of america and this is a lingering effect that it's just being repeated and those who do not know their history as the proverb says. are doomed to repeat the same mistakes again and again and again and unfortunately people are being fooled well here we are of course being ripped having our history repeating itself with this supreme court decision to uphold the president's ability to use national security is just to pick ation for banning people from certain countries now we've seen this is sturrock li being used against chinese laborers we've seen it used against the iranians in the poll in the wake of the seventy nine revolution we've seen it against even like jews during the holocaust for example or communists at one point
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in the fifty's were barred from coming here. anarchists before that so what does that actually mean for the supreme court to uphold this president of the president having the ability to block people just based on what country they live in from visiting or coming trying to move to the u.s. well your brother very important point they have practiced banning people based on religion actually san louis ship had nine hundred thirty five jews. they were running away from the eve of war. and humanity i think they were not allowed to to come to the united states they were shipped to latin america somewhere then we have the irish catholics the they were banned also to come to the united states to mention chinese the japanese i mean internment we have a very dark history very dark prejudicial history and what this supreme court did
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in fact put a rubber stamp on a very ridiculous executive order i've read it i've read all three of them and this is this is nothing that is compelling. to save us from terrorism this because that's when you are banning people based on their fundamental rights i'm talking about as an american i am i am affected by this baby's crippling sanctions and these bands and we are actually being ridiculed i have been. facing a lot of nonsense since this man took power because they just it. how can i say that it stirs the nonsense it makes it even more up to your face and prejudices and prejudices yes. but going to
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a little bit of what is actually the real implications of practically speaking what will happen now to people like yourself who hold dual citizenships that involve include iran i mean is it possible for an iranian to get a visa to come here or if you travel if you already have can you travel here i mean do we even know the implications of what this decision means well technically for three months there is a complete ban on people who do not have direct relation to. the united states so if somebody just wants to come and visit the united states. they probably won't get a visa and many of them actually many green card holders were turned back at the border you can't do that that's a direct violation of due process but it's probably because of confusion it would seem to me that there's a confusion in how to actually execute this order and how do you actually execute
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this policy it seems like there's a lot of confusion and chaos within the state department as to how do we actually treat people with green cards pieces and other forms of documentation from visiting right yes that is correct there is confusion but i also think it is. lawlessness there just direct violation of law i mean after all this look at these children from latin america or the border there are snatching them from their parents the bosom of their mothers is long kids they put them in cages. like these are wild animals what threat could they pose. and all of these we have to look at this way these will have major implications years from now generations from now because this is not something that we can get away we get another president and issue is resolved it's not this is america it just goes
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against the whole concept of america being a shining city on a hill of humanity it's just not comporting with that ideology we're actually practicing. certain violent ways of dealing with matters that could be resolved in a very peaceful way and according to the laws of the united states almost like nazis in germany a lot of people they actually say this is exactly what happened in germany prior to . creating a close world war. john denver celebrate the percy admit meteor showers and his famous song rocky mountain high with the lyrics i've seen it remain fire in the sky and you can see the same fires raining in the sky this weekend one of the most popular and well known of meteor showers the perseids are out its peak and can show off one hundred fifty to two hundred meteors an hour most of them easily being seen
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by the naked eye the showers come from a very special comet this with total comment which was scattered in eight hundred sixty two by lewis title and horace parnell tuttle lewis swift and horace parnell total traveling on a one hundred thirty year orbit the comets your earliest hour of stardust will be the most easily a visible on the evening of sunday august twelfth going into the early morning hours of monday august thirteenth celestial events like the perseids meteor showers are believed to be everything from the tears of st lawrence the catholic saint who is sort of the early christian version of robin hood and in parts of germany folk culture it is seen as good fortune heavenly gifts of stardust fire from the sky this weekend look up and get a new perspective on the world we share with comets and interest talk watchers i was going to end this segment with a meteor shower upon or a joke but it was just too out of this world. star towel you know tabitha turns twenty nine this week and again. i like my twenty nine five
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day now that you having this is what we definitely get out and see this with a bit beyond sit in nature and it's always nice to see in the universe where you have it's majesty it's amazing it's really got pretty much everywhere i go check it out on sunday night and check us out when we come back tomorrow because today this is all we've got for today remember everyone in this world we are not told we are loved up so i tell you all i love you i wrote the story and i'm talking about keep on watching those hawks come for great day and lately. first. of all the start of the moving georgia shows don't google so diageo don't list first thanks.
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to my custom hushed. the student eleven to tell you. the first nearly. run to a full vote for our eighth grade teacher leave it to most bridget does. some shooting because the senior. girl. was on the right. newt you would just look at it would you. go the weirdos but it's a real. movement with a very. good fortune to be in the. bruising us to whom we've heard. one of the trial and.
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join me every thursday on the alex i'm unsure and i'll be speaking to get us through the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you there . the. kremlin blasts new u.s. sanctions on russia that restrictions are in response to what washington views as russia's poisoning of. his daughter in march. facebook relies on nato and u.s. funded experts to tackle foreign influence from its platform we take a look at how it affects freedom of speech online you may find the following images coming up now disturbing. over forty civilians including children were
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reportedly killed this strike at a school bus in yemen coalition says it was a legitimate military operation in accordance with international law. plus easter island demanding the return of a sacred statue stolen more than one hundred years ago and now on display at the british museum we ask visitors if it should be given back. and i think. it's just history. and so joining is this is our international. calling on britain to make public its work on making style military toxic substances comes after america penalties for what it calls moscow's poisoning of double agent and his daughter in
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the u.k. in march russia has consistently denied the claims. discuss the new sanctions. the united states six two thousand and eighteen determined that the government of the russian federation has used chemical biological weapons against its own nationals despite any new evidence coming to light the us wants to impose sanctions on russia and this is in regards to the form of poisoning of form of double agent sake a script and his daughter back in march now the sanctions will be implemented two sets the fifth sets will ban licenses for the export of sensitive national security goods to russia including electronic items and these kind of exports have been previously allowed on a case by case basis the second round of sanctions there will be more severe this will be the prohibit us baron colognes the ten minute carrier landing rights which
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would could affect flights from russia to the u.s. and fed the restrictions on exports and imports as well but the u.s. says they that the second round of sanctions will come into effect unless russia provides reliable assurances that it won't use chemical weapons in the future and agrees to on site checks by the u.n. but when you say reliable assurances it was last year twenty seventeen the international community the o.p.c. w confirmed the destruction of all chemical weapons in russia exactly the chemical weapons watchdog verified the destruction and can fend this in september two thousand and seventeen but we're still waiting for now evidence as to why sanctions of being imposed now and the u.s. has already implemented measures you might remember that around sixty diplomats were expelled by the u.s. last spring when this saga fest escalated but when questions at the press
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conference the state department officials didn't mention any fed the reasoning behind the sanctions whether this was because of old evidence and new evidence let's take a listen to what they had to say. where are you getting the conclusion that freshie is behind this creep are poisoning i will leave it to others to characterize the current state of our understanding of the scriptural affair we've been very clear that we agree with the assessment that it was a joke agent and that the perpetrator was ultimately the russian federation. i'll leave it to others to give those kinds of details of what we currently understand obviously from reading the press it appears that their investigation is ongoing in terms of the scope and nature of the details and its implications but i'll leave that to others the key words that are from the official swear a leave it to others to give the details so whether the u.s. wants the u.k. to disclose further evidence behind the attack remains to be seen and the u.s. is now skating around the reasoning at the moment issuing fresh sanctions without
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fresh evidence and all the while russian officials here in moscow keep asking for transparency for evidence of keeps asking can russia be involved in this investigation and yet are we to understand the basis of the yukos evidence still falls on the quote highly likely stance well the case of views on this always has been highly likely that russia is behind this attack saying that only russia has the motives the means and the record to target the school policy and moreover as well moscow has repeatedly denied involvement with this offering offering like you said cooperation on the investigation which london has repeatedly denied but so far we know that the chemical weapons watchdog the a.p. c.w. and porton down haven't been able to confirm the origin of the nerve agent we have not verified the precise source but we provided the scientific information to the government but you have not been able to establish at porton down that this was made in russia as i said it's our job to provide eat you know
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the scientific evidence that identifies what the particular and their future is but it's not our job to go and see where that actually was manufactured to be create your not table it gotten down to say where it is from we haven't yet been able to do that as analysis of the p.c. w.'s report i did to find the country. of origin of the agent use. in this attack and now we're left with this highly likely stance from the u.k. and the u.s. is issuing this fresh round of sanctions but we haven't seen any new information come to light here in the sanctions of thought to be imposed on or around august the twenty second in the meantime the u.k. prime minister's office has welcomed the new batch of u.s. sanctions on russia the russian embassy saying it only wants transparency it still asks can we please to be a part of this investigation of the russian embassy calling these sanctions
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describing them as draconian measures. the sanctions haven't been imposed yet but the announcement has already impacted the russian economy the ruble plummeted to its lowest level for years christina chairman of business association free markets dot eighty says not much can be read into the full i don't think the impact will be so big because up to the present us russia trades are not that big actually. and still have already been damaged by past sanctions so there are overlapping of sanctions actually maybe more most importantly that you should also look the fact of the you because up to now in many cases do you followed. us in terms of sanctions. and obviously your relations with russia more economic relations with russia are more intense than the u.s.
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relations because you russia have economic collymore complimentary in the terms of the products they deliver. in yemen fifty civilians have been killed by a strike most of them children according to local sources of seventy others were reportedly wounded the strike hit a school bus and a marketplace must warn you may find these pictures upsetting according to latest info from the red cross twenty nine children died all under the age of fifteen or thirty eight others were injured including thirty children the strike in the north of the country under the control of the rebels intervention against them began in twenty fifteen in an official statement riyadh defended the attack accusing the rebels of using children as human shields. that the targeting today is a legitimate military action conducted in conformity with the international humanitarian law to target the militants responsible for planning and targeting
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civilians which resulted in killing and injuring them. first time this month the coalition has hit residential areas a week ago an air raid on a data seaport the main transit point for aids to yemen claimed the lives of fifty five civilians one hundred seventy others were wounded military groups of the coalition to protect the civilian population as well as medical staff and facilities which have been repeatedly hit by raids. of the red cross in sanaa told us the situation in yemen is appalling. we have received twenty nine identified dead bodies of children up to fourteen years old. forty eight injured among them children but for the overall top. this needs to be referred to the ministry of health and population. of yemen humanitarian situation in the country is catastrophic it's a population that has been brought to the brink of collapse the whole system is
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decimated the movement of population is growing because of. conflicts and hostilities going on so we really do think that. more hostilities and you know the expansion of those hostilities with it will exacerbate an already humanitarian situation even more we see violations cross the country and it's really sad to. issue or speak about civilian casualties in a matter of less than a week so for us this is painful and whenever we see civilian casualties we i mean. this is just horrific. facebook they have closer ties to washington.


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